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Safari tours with a close encounter of the untamed and wild Africa.

On Vyr.com and SafariLodges.com you are in direct contact with safari operators and service providers, who are ground operators. We call them ground operator, as you will meet them on the ground, when you pick up the service.  All services produced by SafariLodges.com is for free for our visitors, who have taken the time to register with us. SafariLodges.com has been developed for the growing number of travellers, who have decided to organise their own holiday. Many traveller not only plan for a safari adventure, they also spends a few days on a beach resort, golf course or a wine tasting. Even this kind of services will be offered on this site. Vyr.com and SafariLodge.com does not give preference to any specific service provider, your preferences has the ultimate priority to us at SafariLodges.com. Every time an offer arrives into your personal account, you will be alerted.

Before you can start using this planning tool you have to "
Register " some basic contact details. By doing that you have opened up a personal account, " My Safari ". SafariLodges.com facilitates and makes it easier for you to contact service providers and keep good records of your enquiries. From SafariLodges.com you can send multiple enquiries, and every single response will be matched against the corresponding enquiry. In your personal account you can easily monitor the progress of your plan and line up a time schedule. Remember, all services produced by SafariLodges.com are for free for our registered visitors.

Welcome to Vyr.com and SafariLodges.com.
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